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PU timing belt ATN10


 PU timing belt Breco ATN10

Breco ATN10 product information
 Shore hardness (A)  92° Shore A  Breco ATN10 weigth per meter +/- 48 g/10 mm riem breedte
 Tensile members  staalkoorden, 0.9 mm  Minimum number of pulley teeth  25
 Width tolerance  +/- 0.5 mm  Minimum pulley diameter  79,58 mm 
 Thickness tolerance  +/- 0.2 mm    
 Length tolerance  +/- 0.5 mm/m    


Breco ATN10 standard widths in mm (in-between sizes possible)
25 50 75 100


Breco ATN10 timing belt available as:

  • Open length
  • Endless with a splice
  • Truly endless (moulded/flex)
  • Pin Join
  • DC connector


The ATN10 PU timing belt is available with steel and stainless steel cords, we can process/rework the ATN10 timing belts with our machinery according your wishes and requirements.

Below you will see the several available options. 

  Steel   Stainless steel
 Standard  Standard 



PAZ = nylon fabric on tooth side  

PAR = nylon fabric on back side  

E-koord = extra flexible cords  

DL = double toothed  

DR = high back  

TK = version with extruded guide  

ATL = reïnforced cords



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 Breco ATN10 timing belt



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With offices in Germany, England, France, Russia and The Netherlands NK is a leading manufacturer of timing belts and pulleys.

Every day more than 100 specialized employees work in innovative ways on cusomized  timing belts solutions.

Our knowledge is not only limited to the production of timing belts and pulleys but also with the engineering of your drive or conveyor system.

For reliability and quality then NK Technics is your partner, please use our years of experience - we are at your service.

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Easy drive® de nieuwe standaard.

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De producten van Breco zijn uitermate geschikt voor industriële toepassingen op het gebied van aandrijving, overbrenging van vermogen, synchronisatie, transporteren en lineaire positionering.

NK Technics is uw partner voor het volledige Breco leveringsprogramma.

Het ATN systeem biedt u de mogelijkheid om zelf meenemers op een tandriem te monteren, de ATN inserts zijn leverbaar in kunststof, messing of RVS.

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De meest gangbare types zijn leverbaar in een food grade uitvoering.

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