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PU timing belt AT5


 AT5 PU tandriem 

We have AT5 timing belts with the following cords in stock; steel, kevlar, extra flexible, extra reinforced steel and stainless steel. We also supply the related AT5 components such as  AT5 pulleys, AT5 clamping plates, tension platestension rollersbelt support and clamping devices.

AT5 toothed belts are available in the following versions; endless with a splice, truly endless, Flex and with a Pin Join connector.  

Ask our specialists about all the possibilities.


Product information timing belts AT5
 Shore hardness (A)  92° Shore A  Weigth per meter at5 timing belt +/- 30 g/10 mm belt width
 Tensile members  staalkoorden, 0.5 mm  Minimal number of pulley teeth  12
 Width tolerance  +/- 0.5 mm  Minimal pulley diameter  17.85 mm 
 Thickness tolerance  +/- 0.2 mm  Minimal counter bending  50 mm
 Length tolerance  +/- 0.8 mm/m    


Timing belts at5 standard widths in mm (in-between sizes possible)
10 16 25 32 50 75 100 150


Available as:

  • Open length
  • Endless with a splice
  • Truly endless (moulded/flex)
  • Pin Join


The AT5 PU timing belt is available with steel, kevlar and stainless steel cords, we can process/rework the AT5 timing belts with our machinery according your wishes and requirements.

Below you will see the several available options. 

  Steel   Kevlar  Stainless steel
 Standard  Standard  Standard
 PAR  PU-385-transp.  
 ATK5-K6x4 PAZ    
 Antistatic zwart    

 PAZ = nylon fabric on tooth side

PAR = nylon fabric on back side

E-koord = extra flexible cords

DL = double toothed 

DR = high back

TK = version with extruded guide

ATL = reïnforced cords


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Timing belt AT5 


Timing belt AT5-PAZ


Timing belts AT5 Synchroflex GENIII


AT5 timing belt Breco Protect


Timing belt AT5 + linatex coating









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