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Mesh belts

Mesh belts NK Technics


NK Technics have developed a unique pattern for good release and gentle grip of products conveyed. 

Our belts will prove exceptionally efficient when handling Salad leaves where first pass is vital, coupled with proven dramatic reduction in water consumption during hygiene cleaning.



Our mesh conveyor belts are made from polyester fabric with monofilament warp and weft threads. The mesh spacing and the fabric's permeability can be changed by varying the number or diameter of these threads.

All materials are highly resistant to animal and plant fats/oils etc. and comply with the EU 1935/2004 and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).



Mesh belts are primarily used for the filtration, draining and drying of various continuous products.

They are ideal for the following purposes:

  • Fruit and vegetable processing Washing and drying of fruit and vegetables
  • Fish processing De-watering, washing of shellfish and crustaceans
  • Treatment of waste water
  • Filtering and sifting of sludge products
  • Drying and cooling processes
  • Drainage processes
  • Filter or suction belts


Joint options

Mesh belts are already finished when supplied

  •  either endless or prepared for on-site splicing
  •  Mechanical fasteners made of stainless steel (wire hooks, plate connectors) or plastic can also be used.


Mesh belt joints by NK Technics


Available mesh sizes 

Type  Mesh Width (mm) Mesh Width (µm) Open Area (%) Colour
500 0,5 500 22 Blue
1000 1,0 1000 30 Blue/White
2000 2,0 2000 41 Blue
3000 3,0 3000 51 Blue/White
4000 4,0 4000 59 Blue/White


Mesh belts with cleats





  • Easy-to-clean design, reduced water consumption to clean
  • Improved Product Process, increased yield
  • Improved hygiene and ongoing reduced risk of product contamination, fewer customer complaints
  • Very Quick R.O.I. and ongoing reduced operating cost
  • Very strong
  • HACCP-properties
  • FDA and EU compliant
  • No need for external belt fitting contractors


De-watering belts / Meshbelts



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