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PU timing belt ATL20


 PU tandriemen AT20


Timing belt ATL20; special linear drive belts designed for the highest accuracy.

Timing belts ATL20 are strong and meant for power transmission and high accuracy positioning applications.


Product information timing belt ATL20
 Shore hardness (A)  92° Shore A  Timing belt ATL20 weigth per meter +/- 110 g/10 mm belt width
 Tensile members  steel cords, 1.7 mm  Minimum number of pulley teeth ATL20  22
 Width tolerance ATL20  +/- 1.0 mm  Minimum pulley diameter ATL20   140,05 mm 
 Thickness tolerance  +/- 0.4 mm  Minimum counter bending ATL20  170 mm
 Length tolerance  +/- 0.8 mm/m    


Timing belt ATL20 standard widths in mm (in-between sizes possible)
25 32 50 75 100 150


Timing belt ATL20 available as: 

  • Timing belt ATL20 - open lengte, click here for the available versions
  • Timing belt ATL20 (moulded/flex), click here for the available versions


Open length timingbelt


Open length timingbelt


Open length timingbelt


Open length timingbelt



Timing belt ATL20 Flex


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