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Mesh filter & de-watering belts 3000

Mesh de-watering belts 3000


Type: 3000/B PET

  Mesh Width (mm) Mesh width (µm) Permeability (%) Colour
Mesh belt 3000/B 3,0 3000 51 Blue/White


Material Properties - PET - Mesh belts 3000
Tensile strenght g/mm³ 45-75
Relative strength wet conditions % 100
Elongation at break % 15-30
Moisture Absorption at 20°C % 0.4
Working temperature dry °C 100
Abrasion resistance Good
Hydrolysis Resistance Good


Product Information  -  De-watering belts 3000

All materials are highly resistant to animal and plant fats/oils and comply with the EU 1935/2004 and FDA (US
Food and Drug Administration).



Our 3000 µm mesh conveyor belts are made from polyester fabric with monofilament warp and weft threads. The mesh spacing and the fabric's permeability can be changed by varying the number or diameter of these threads.


3000 µm - Mesh belts & De-watering belts applications

  • Fruit and vegetable processing Washing and drying of fruit and vegetable
  • Treament of waste water
  • Fish processing De-watering, washing of shellfish and custaceans
  • Filtering and sifting of sludge products
  • Drying and cooling processes
  • Drainage processes
  • Filtration or suction belts



Mesh filter belts - 3000


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