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Breco timing belts


 Breco tandriemen


BRECO® is the world's most innovative producer of polyurethane timing belt technology. The basis for a high quality and reliable product is formed by wear-resistant polyurethane with steel cord tension members.

The name BRECO® has become synonymous with polyurethane timing belts due to many years of experience in the field of thermoplastic polyurethane, the development of BRECO® and BRECOFLEX® production processes and their further development. BRECO® and BRECOFLEX® timing belts, tailor-made pulleys and other components from BRECO® reflect the broad experience in timing belt transport & drive technology.

NK Technics is your partner for the entire Breco product range.

Breco leveringsprogramma;

  • BRECOFLEX® timing belts
  • BRECO® timing belts
  • BRECOBASIC® timing belts
  • BRECOPROTECT® timing belts
  • BRECO® flat belts
  • BRECO® components

The ATN system offers you the possibility to mount your own attachments on a toothed belt, the ATN inserts are available in plastic, brass or stainless steel.







We supply the following Breco types from stock;

  • ATN10
  • ATN12.7
  • SFAT10
  • BAT10


Ask our salespeople about the many possibilities that Breco has to offer..




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