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PVC Conveyor belts

PVC conveyor belts

PolyVynil Chloride (PVC) conveyor belts can be used in a wide range of applications due to their versatility. The PVC is standard resistant to wear and scratches, easy to clean, oil and grease resistant but it is also favourably priced.

NK Technics makes the PVC conveyor belts to size for you and can make the belts endless by welding them or putting a special connector in the PVC conveyor belt according to your wishes. The PVC conveyor belts can also be provided with sidewalls, guides, cams or the belts can be perforated and coated according to your wishes.
The placing of sidewalls and cams is done by means of a High Frequency (HF) press so that there is no excess material on the belt and the belts will have clean welding edges.

The PVC conveyor belts that NK technics has in stock are smooth or have a profiled top or bottom. These profiles can be: standard length grooves, diamond pattern, fabric structure or various types of griptop. This means that these PVC conveyor belt does not need to be coated but that one of our standard belts can be used for an application where a standard smooth PVC conveyor belt is insufficient. 

Our white and blue PVC conveyor belts are FDA/EU approved and therefore suitable for the food industry. 

Some of the advantages of our PVC conveyor belts:

  • Wear and scratch resistant
  • Broad range in types 
  • Easy the rework
  • Price friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Oil and grease resistant


All of the PVC types have the following characteristic’s 

  • Anti Static (AS)
  • Flame Retardant (SE)
  • Low Noise (S)  


In our own workshop we can do the following reworking on the PVC conveyor belts:

  • Guides
  • Cams
  • Perforations
  • Sidewalls


We have the following colours of PVC conveeyor belts on stock: 

  • Black
  • Green 
  • White (FDA/EU)
  • Blue (FDA/EU)



Standard program PVC conveyorbelts;

Artikel nr. NK Artikelomschrijving Omschrijving Datasheet
50061 NK E 10/2 U0/V5H MT AS SE S Black 2ply Back PVC Fabric Back Download
50062 NK E 10/2 U0/V5 GL AS SE S Green 2ply Green PVC Fabric Back Download
50063 NK E 10/2 U0/V7 SG AS SE S Black 2ply Black PVC SG (Basket Weave) Download
50064 NK E 10/2 U0/V7 LG AS SE S Black 2ply Black PVC LG (Longitudinal Groove) Download
50065  NK E 10/2 V8/V8 NP/MT White FDA  2ply White PVC Diamond Back Download
50066  NK E 10/2 V8/V8 NP/GL Blue FDA  2ply Blue PVC Diamond Back Download
50067  NK E 10/2 V8/V8 NP/GL Green  2ply Green PVC Diamond Back Download
50068  NK E 10/2 U0/V35 AR-RT Green  2ply Green PVC Grip Top Download
50069  NK E 10/2 U0/V35 AR-RT Black  2ply Black PVC Grip Top Download
50070  NK E 10/2 U0/V35 AR-RT Blue FDA  2ply Blue PVC Grip Top Download




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