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Conveyor belts

Conveyor Belts


NK Technics endeavours to cover all market needs for conveyor belting and does so by having an wide range of products. PVC, Polyurethane, Polyester and Silicone.

We have our own standard range of conveyor belting, covering the majority of the applications that are present in today's market.

All of the PU types have the following conformities: EU/EC , FDA 21CFR and Halal Certificated.

All of the PVC types have the following characteristic’s:  Anti Static (AS), Flame Retardant (SE) and Low Noise (S)  


All our belts are build up in the same way.

The base of the belt consists of a fabric, which is coated on the top and bottom side with polyurethane, PVC or Polyester

The belt consists of one or more layers that ensure its strength, stability and cut resistance.


layers build up belt

1 - Top face – Various coating materials, thicknesses and patterns determine grip, chemical, physiological and mechanical properties of the belt.

2 - Tension Member – The use of various specific fabrics largely determines the suitability for specific applications. Belt tracking properties, load/elongation properties, electrostatic properties, flatness, knife edge and curve suitability are directly dependent on the fabric construction.

3 - Underside– The design of the underside determines the noise emission, wear and suitability for sliding and/or rolling support for the belt








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