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Lingl timing belts

Lingl AT20 tandriemen


 PU tandriem AT20

Product information
 Shore hardness (A)  92° Shore A  Weight per meter +/- 100 g/10 mm riem breedte
 Tensile members  steell cords, 1.2 mm  Minimum number of pulley teeth  18
 Width tolerance  +/- 1.0 mm  Minimum pulley diameter  111.75 mm 
 Thickness tolerance  +/- 0.4 mm  Minimum counter bending  120 mm
 Length tolerance  +/- 0.8 mm/m    


NK Technics is your partner for all:

  • Lingl AT20 timing belts
  • Lingl AT20 pulleys
  • Lingl AT20 clamping plates
  • Lingl AT20 belt guides


Our AT20 Lingl timing belts are available in different lengths and widths.


Lingl AT20 tandriemen beschikbare verbindingen:

  • Finger splice prepared (punched)
  • Finger splice prepared (by water jet, for a better fit in the press)
  • Endless with a splice
  • Pin Join



Finger splice prepared (punched)


Lingl AT20 tandriem

Finger splice prepared by water jet 

For some of our customers in the brickyard industry we prepare the AT20 toothed belts for endless welding on site, in our factory these belts are prepared on our waterjet machines. The big advantage of a waterblasted finger weld is that the fingers are much easier to put together in the press plate during use.


Lingl AT20 tandriemen 



Pin Join

When endless welding of the timing belt on location is not an option we can provide Lingl AT20 timing belts with a Pin Join connector.

With a Pin Join connector the toothed belt can be mounted on location within 15 minutes.


Lingl tandriem AT20 Pin Join


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