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PU timing belt T5


 PU Tandriem T5  

NK Technics supplies most types of timing belt T5 from stock, the t5 timing belt has trapezoidal tooth shape and a pitch of 5mm. The toothed belt T5 is available with the following tension cords; steel, kevlar and stainless steel cords.

Besides T5 toothed belts we also supply T5 components from stock; T5 pulleys, T5 clamping plates, tension plates, tension rollers, belt support and clamping devices.


Product information timing belt T5
 Shore hardness (A)  92° Shore A  Weigth per meter T5 timing belt +/- 24 g/10 mm belt width
 Tensile members  steel cords, 0.3 mm  Minimum number of pulley teeth  15
 Width tolerance  +/- 0.5 mm  Minimum pulley diameter  15.05 mm 
 Thickness tolerance  +/- 0.2 mm  Minimum counter bending  30 mm
 Length tolerance  +/- 0.8 mm/m    


Timing belt t5 standard widths in mm (in-between sizes possible)
6 10 16 25 32 50 75 100 150


Available as:

  • Open length
  • Endless with a splice
  • Truly endless (moulded/flex)
  • Pin Join


The T5 PU timing belt is available with steel, kevlar and stainless steel cords, we can process/rework the T5 timing belts with our machinery according your wishes and requirements.

Below you will see the several available options. 

  Staal   Kevlar  RVS
 Standard  Standard  Standard
 E-cord  PU-385-transp.  
 TK5-K6x4 PAZ    
 Antistatic black    



PAZ = nylon fabric on tooth side

PAR = nylon fabric on back side

E-koord = extra flexible cords

DL = double toothed 

DR = high back

TK = version with extruded guide


Click here for extra options:


 Timing belt T5 with silicone blue coating


Timing belt TK5-K6 


Timing belt T5-DL


Timing belt T5 anti static + cleats and porol coating


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Results 1 - 9 of 9Show:     Items Per Page

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